C&G Capital is a company from Treviso (Italy) that addresses companies worldwide, both SMEs and large companies with the aim of offering solutions in the credit sector.

Recognizing the market changes that have taken place in the global business and regulatory framework established in recent years for credit institutions, C&G Capital has designed and developed Kredway: the fastest and safest way to access credit.

Thanks to Kredway, today any company in the world can get the best strategy to access alternative financial credit lines and traditional bank lines.

Kredway is in fact able to provide special control tools that help the company to measure itself and to be seen in the world of investors thanks to a measurable and tangible growth.

Kredway includes the support of a trained tutor called Kredit Finder who accompanies the client from the first phase up to the goal.

Human value has always been invaluable for C&G Capital and at the same time continues to invest with constant and high level training to make the customer experience extremely exclusive and clear.